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Duckworth-Lewis rules ruining all the fun of a competitive Cricket match

Cricket match is widely popular game as this is the common interest of every people around the world. Matches are extremely excited when they are at their termination position and strong competition is there among the two teams.  When there is a tough competition between the two teams, audiences as well as the team members are incited to know about the results and there will no prediction that what will happen at the second ball or in upcoming over as it may change the victory of winning team into defeat. But sometimes, rain will affect the matches and ruin the fun of the competitive match and we can’t predict the results of the match as well. In this scenario, a method known as Duckworth-Lewis come in to existence which predicts the result of effected matches. The results are calculated by doing some approx and predictions on the basis of the team strength and the run scored by any of the team.


Duckworth-Lewis Example: Consider the situation of the latest ICC Champions Trophy, which have passed recently, when there was the match between India and Pakistan then the method (Duckworth-Lewis) applied to manipulate the result.  The match was reduced to 40 overs each between India and Pakistan, even before rain influenced the match, Pakistan was down by three wickets and when the time came to restart the match they are all out at 165 score without completing all the forty over match. And from this method the target had changed from 165 to 167 for India. This is the typical condition to figure out that what will be the result occur as again rain interrupted the match in the second innings. Again Duckworth Lewis implemented on the match and runs are reduced to 122 from 22 over only. This is somewhat like 20-20 match and batting team has gone the power to try anything to reach the target but bowling team don’t possess that much liberty because most of the bowler’s gain the good points in their quota in the initial overs. And this same thing was also happened in the last match of India vs. England, because this match was affected from the rain and again the Duckworth-Lewis policy has applied on it and reduced to 20-20 overs.

 Some of the bad impacts would occur as the strength of the team remains unsatisfied and the main interest of the competition is lost. As the first team played in the openings before the interruption of the natural calamity like rain, the second team didn’t get that opportunity to show their team strength and efforts to chase the target. And the results are implemented through the Duckworth Lewis method either by reducing the runs or overs and ruin all the fun of the competitive team in the match.

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